Walking in:
Expect a warm welcome, friendly faces, a clean and safe building, an atmosphere of worship, a comfortable environment.

What are people wearing?
Abundant Life is casual.  You will see everything from Jeans and T-shirts to shirt and tie.  The average falls somewhere in the middle.

Worship Style:
We use a worship band (guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals) most weeks.  We sing primarily contemporary praise music (Independant Artists, Jesus Culture, Bethel, Elevation, Hillsong, and Passion) with an occasional hymn or traditional chorus.

Expect to see people clapping, singing, and many will raise their hands at times.  We have a variety of people with a variety ways they express worship to God.  We try to create an environment of worship where you can feel comfortable whether you are standing quietly with head bowed or if you have hands raised in exuberant praise.

Preaching / Teaching:
Pastor Steve preaches practical messages from the Bible.  You will walk away challenged with a clear understanding of what was taught.  You will experience a variety of teaching styles from stories to object lessons to multi-media.  There us usually a time of prayer and response at the end of the teaching time.

What about my Kids?
We love kids at Abundant Life.  We have nurseries for babies and toddlers.  We have classes for Pre-K and a worship service for kids from 1st to 5th grades.  Babies and toddlers can check right in to their room.  Pre-K and kids church can check in and then join their parents for worship in the sanctuary.  We dismiss kids to their ministries after worship.

You will find our building safe and secure - you will check your children in with our touch-screen check-in station.  You will receive a sticker that matches the name tags that we give your children.  You will need to show your matching sticker to retrieve your children after the worship service.  We also have security cameras in all of classrooms so you can check on your children if you need to.

How Long are the Services?
Our worship gatherings are typically about 90 minutes